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Tracking Test Oct. 17, 2010


OCTOBER 17, 2010


The Nova Scotia German Shepherd Dog Club held its 17th Tracking Test October 17th at Milford, N.S.  It was a small test, compared to the usual entry, 1 TD and 3 TDX.  Plotting day was pouring rain.  The fields were hay fields and very squelchy with big puddles.  The Judge was Jack Wilhelm with tracklayers Judy Bos and Louise Weaver.  Louise was also an apprentice judge at this test.

Test day dawned overcast with light rain.  The TD track was in a low-lying field and was very wet underfoot.  This track was run by a 3-year old, male Bullmastiff.  He started confidently and tracked well for the first two legs.  Unfortunately, on the third leg he decided he would rather play with his leash.

Next time………….

TDX1 was a five-year old, male Bernese Mountain Dog.  He started confidently and methodically, except for skirting around the puddles!  Checked the first cross track and was very interested in the second cross track but finally decided against following it and continued to the road crossing.  He hesitated briefly then committed and after that it was a stroll to the final article and a pass for Ch. Baergil Atlantic Agent CGN TDX, handled by Terry Wilkins.

TDX2 was a three-year old, male Australian Shepherd.  By this time, the rain had stopped but it was much windier.  He checked all directions from the scent pad before finally taking off up the track at a run.  Fortunately for the judges, he stopped periodically to check in with his handler, which allowed them to catch up before he took off again!!  Did I mention that the track went uphill?  He hesitated briefly after the road crossing, then galloped off to the final article and a pass for Cowboy’s Three Fifty Seven RN CGN TDX and handler Jen Stairs.

TDX3 was an 18-month old, male GSD.  He started slowly and methodically, completely ignoring the cross tracks on the first and second legs.  He went out onto the road confidently but didn’t want to commit to the other side.  There was a very steep bank and a squeeze through a hedge by a tree.  Finally he took the plunge and dragged his handler into the field.  After that he didn’t hesitate and forced his handler into a run for the rest of the track.  (Again uphill – what were the track plotters thinking?)  A pass for Feldberg’s Night Ninja TDX and handler Ed Harper.


Louise Weaver PhD

Senior Electron Microscopist

Microscopy and Microanalysis Facility

University of New Brunswick


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